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World Textile Information Network
  • Natural Fibres & Yarns
    Natural Fibres & Yarns

    Fairtrade calls for the top of the cotton supply chain to help the bottom

    The cotton industry has been suffering of late with global overproduction leaving prices down in the dumps. A lot of the focus has been held by China as the ... Read More

  • Man-made Fibres & Yarns
    Man-made Fibres & Yarns

    Invista’s P8 technology offers further PTA production efficiency

    The purified terephthalic acid (PTA) industry is at an interesting juncture. While the Asian PTA industry is oversupplied and is expected to continue to be ... Read More

  • Effects

    Designer perspective

    Moving from analogue to digital – an interview with Debbie McKeegan, Creative Director, Digetex Read More

  • Technical Textiles
    Technical Textiles

    Carbon nanotube fibres make superior links to brain

    Carbon nanotube fibres invented at Rice University in the US may provide the best way to communicate directly with the brain. Read More

  • Nonwovens

    Researchers develop 3D nonwoven fabric for implants

    Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, have teamed up with the university hospital in Tübingen and the University of California, Los ... Read More


Freudenberg sales up for fifth year running

By Kamelia Kountcheva 27 April 2015

The Freudenberg Group has battled through what it called tough economic conditions, subdued markets and the unpredictable effects of bouncing exchange rates to grow in strength and surpass its own successes year after year. Since 2010, the...

Growth of soft signage leads Digital Imaging Services to invest in MTEX 1800

By Tansy Fall
27 April 2015

The growth of soft signage and its potential profitability is increasingly seeing businesses expand into the area with the introduction of their own digital textile printing equipment, or through the purchase of printers by well known...

Fabric firm powers ahead

By Marianne Curtis 27 April 2015

If its latest set of results are anything to go by, one UK-based woven and knitted fabrics company that has made major progress in the last 18 months looks to have benefited from its management buy-out in 2006.

SEEP Cotton Sustainability Report in context

By Kamelia Kountcheva 27 April 2015

Issues with the cotton industry continue to crop up as the sector battles the challenges of overproduction, working conditions, low prices and a weak market.



Bayer chooses supplier for new bio-based polyurethane product for textiles

27 April 2015

BioAmber Inc. has been chosen by Bayer MaterialScience as the supplier of bio-succinic acid used to produce a new range of bio-based polyurethanes for textile applications, IMPRANIL eco. The series of bio-based waterborne polyurethane...

Dubai a hub for luxury clothing and accessory stores

27 April 2015

The New World Wealth Index report shows that the oil-rich UAE and in particular Dubai is the main luxury hub in the Middle East. It generated luxury

Stag to launch Mizuno in India

27 April 2015

Japan-based sportswear company ‘Mizuno’ is set to foray into the Indian market. According to an exclusive distribution agreement with a major

Oerlikon to show meltblown fabrics plant at ANEX & SINCE

27 April 2015

Oerkilon Neumag, a brand of Oerlikon Manmade Fibers, is set to showcase nonwoven fabrics and meltblown plants for technical applications at ANEX



The all-in-one solution

By Sally Priestley 20 April 2015

Shemesh Automation’s XPander packing solution for wet wipes has been two years in the making. Shai Shemesh explains why the market needed an all-in-one machine offering top-notch packaging technology.

Fix the Dye Fixing Problem on Textile Substrates

By Dr Naresh M. Saraf 10 April 2015

Dye-fixing agents are of considerable interest in the art of textile coloration. Dyed and printed fabrics often have unsatisfactory wet fastness, especially washing and water fastness. This is found with dyeings carried out using direct...



Taking the lead

By Fiona Haran 23 April 2015

A string of industry moves and a highly profitable 2014 has strengthened PGI’s leading position in the nonwovens marketplace. Fiona Haran reports on the recent developments driving the company’s success



Executive Market Report – 27th April 2015

By George Huang 27 April 2015

A detailed review of movements in fibre, yarn and fabric prices from the previous week, along with changes in production costs.


Web Watch

Hospitality firms turn to social media for marketing

From The Hindu Business Line - Companies 27 April 2015

Hospitality companies appear to be significantly increasing their social media spends as the digital world has “revolutionised” marketing strategies, say company officials and experts. Hotel chains such as Indian Hotels Company...........

Bayer MaterialScience introduces biobased PU for fashion and footwear

From Plastics Today 27 April 2015

Bayer MaterialScience is introducing a range of waterborne, bio-based polyurethane (PU) dispersions for textile applications under the Impranil eco name. The new products boast a renewable content that can reach up to 65% due to...........

Electronics recycler reshoots old 3D movies into 3D printer filament

From Plastics Today 27 April 2015

GreenDisk, a 22-year-old recycler of electronic media for the software, music and movie industries headquartered in Issaquah, WA, celebrated Earth Day this year with the creation of a new company called reShootz. Taking advantage...........