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Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and digitisation are just some of the buzz words that are fuelling innovation in 2017. These concepts have captured the imagination of technology strategists across all sectors of industry and commerce, and textiles is no exception.

IoTex magazine provides readers with an insight into how this innovation is changing the textilevalue chain, from supply chain management systems to the latest in robotics, monitoring key technical developments across the global economy. There is an existing trend towards higher levels of automation and data exchange in manufacturing. The age of the smart factory is on its way and it will becontrolled from the cloud.

Industry 4.0 • Internet of Things • Digitally Enabled Business


Tansy Fall (1)

Tansy Fall, Editor, IoTex

Tansy Fall is Editor for the b2b print publications IoTex magazine, which focuses on the digitalisation of the textile value chain and Digital Textile magazine, which reports on the digital textile print sector. Tansy also provides content for the online Textile 4.0 and Effects channel and is responsible for developing multimedia content for In addition, Tansy acted as Desk Editor for the ITMA Asia Show Daily newspaper, India ITME newspaper, and the IndoIntertex newspapers in 2016. Tansy has a Master’s degree in Literature from the University of Leeds, UK.

Upcoming features in 2017

Issue 1
Virtual Reality
• Connected textile manufacturer: Big data (IoT and AoT)
• Connected apparel manufacturer: Robotic sewing
• Connected retailer: 3D fit technology

Issue 2
• Connected textile manufacturer: Gearing up for personalisation – including innovation in finishing and digital textile printing
• Connected apparel manufacturer: Factory logistics
• Connected retailer: RFID – product tracking and supply chain transparency

Issue 3
M2M communication
• Connected textile manufacturer: Spinning revolution and the role of augmented reality
• Connected apparel manufacturer: Production planning
• Connected retailer: Colour management in a digital supply chain

Issue 4 
• Connected textile manufacturer: Tangible effects of 3D printing in the manufacturing process
• Connected apparel manufacturer: Automated cutting
• Connected retailer: Communicating product design and development

Issue 5
Smart Data to Business Data
• Connected textile manufacturer: A new place for knitting in the supply chain
• Connected apparel manufacturer: Resource management
• Connected retailer: The rise of B2C platforms and the changing face of retail