Words have power. When we use the word "sustainability", we stand by it. Watch this video and understand how Kornit supports a sustainable future in fashion and textile printing. As a water-free printing system with no need for any external pretreatment, steaming and washing, our biodegradable ink and energy saving process makes Kornit the most eco-friendly printing solution.


Ahlstrom revises outlook following cancelled transaction

By Fiona Haran
27 July 2016

Finnish nonwovens producer Ahlstrom has issued a revised outlook for 2016, following the decision to terminate the planned divestiture of the company’s Building & Wind business unit to Owens Corning.

Pactics’ new Cambodia factory to produce textiles with sublimated printing

By Poorna Rodrigo
27 July 2016

Shanghai-based microfibre and fabric accessories maker Pactics Group is set to open a new factory in Cambodia, using innovative digital heat-transfer “sublimated” printing, which allows brightly coloured high-quality prints on fabric.

Wound dressings made from bacteria alginate

By Fiona Haran
27 July 2016

German researchers have teamed up to develop a biotechnological process to produce bacterial alginate for use as the raw material for fibre-based medical products.

VIDEO: Sabur grows as the UK invests in digital textile printing

By Tansy Fall
27 July 2016

WTiN takes a look at the growth of digital textile print distributor Sabur, in light of the increasing appeal for direct printing in the UK.



Epson to show latest printing technologies at Siggraph 2016

27 July 2016

Epson will display its latest professional printing and projection technologies at the Studio at Siggraph 2016 – ‘Transition Spaces’. According to Epson, visitors to the Studio will learn how to use a broad range of printing technologies,...

Vietnamese textile firms propose wage freeze

27 July 2016

The Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS) has proposed that the Government freeze minimum wage in 2017 and only increase it once every two or three years to create favourable conditions so that textile and garment companies...

NIFT-TEA to develop waterless cotton dyeing machine

27 July 2016

The NIFT-TEA Knitwear Fashion Institute is working in collaboration with Synthetic and Arts Silk Mills Research (SASMIRA) to develop a machine for dyeing cotton fabrics without the use of water. The proposed machine would be similar to the...

TOCMC bags Organic Farmer of the Year award

27 July 2016

Farmers of the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative (TOCMC) have been awarded the "Organic Farmer of the Year" Leadership Award from the Organic Trade Association (OTA) in recognition of their relentless work of producing organic...



Plasma technologies for enhanced performance

By Dr Ian Holme 12 July 2016

Research into atmospheric systems targets continuous open-width treatments.

The power of polymer blends

By T Schlüter, D Gates, G Köppe, G Seide, T Gries, T Krooß & L Van der Schueren 24 June 2016

A report into the applications of innovative textiles and composites made from polymer blends.



Catexel celebrates 10 years of chemical innovation

By Tansy Fall 11 July 2016

Celebrating its 10th birthday this year, Catexcel has taken the opportunity to rebrand itself and set out a road map for the company’s future growth.



Wool Market Report - 25th July 2016

By Jonathan Dyson 26 July 2016

A comprehensive weekly round-up and analysis of price developments at the major wool auctions around the world.


Web Watch

Spiders spin unique phononic material

From chemeurope.com 27 July 2016

New discoveries about spider silk could inspire novel materials to manipulate sound and heat in the same way semiconducting circuits manipulate electrons,...........

Prices recover slightly as arrivals of Phutti from Punjab slow down

From Yarn and Fibres Exchange 27 July 2016

Prices recovered slightly on the cotton market on Tuesday with the fall in arrivals of seed cotton from the Punjab station due to late sowing, dealers said............

Adhesives Dedicated to Better Wound Care

From Medical Design - Materials 27 July 2016

ConvaTec strives to make life better for both short- and long-term patients. ...........