The Woolmark Company has once again joined forces with Savile Row to present 'The English Gentleman' in lightweight Cool Wool outfits for London Collections: Men.


Over 600 brands to attend Galleria Indtima – Intimate

By Kamelia Kountcheva 24 July 2014 17:04

The third edition of Galleria Intima – Intimate is set to take place in Grand Hyatt Goa, India, from August 18-19, showcasing the latest in the intimate apparel industry.

Polyester market diverges in China

By George Huang 24 July 2014 16:14

According to China National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), polyester filament yarn output during June reached 2.3 million tonnes, up 2.83% on the previous month and 14.55% from the same period last year.

China polyester filament yarn exports continue to surge

By George Huang 24 July 2014 16:05

China’s polyester filament yarn exports plunged 7.41% in June from the previous month, to 136,510 tonnes, due to the significant price hike which was trigged by soaring feedstock price. But the like-for-like shipments were still 36.12%...

China PX imports rise moderately

By George Huang 24 July 2014 16:01

According to China Customs, paraxlyene (PX) imports during June slumped by 14.86% from the previous month, to 675,763 tonnes, because the downstream PTA producers have cut their operating rates substantially since the middle of May in...



Native Amerindian culture is inspiration for Brazil textile design

By Pacifica Goddard 24 July 2014 09:18

Brazilian fashion has been focusing on sustainability - not just from the environmental standpoint but also from the stance of social responsibility, according to Rafael Cervone, CEO of Texbrasil, the Brazilian Fashion Industry...

Automotive nonwovens: lighter weights and greener options

By Kitty So, Kylie Kendall and Gavin Blair 23 July 2014 16:10

Nonwovens are taking on an increasingly important role in creating more sustainable vehicles, particularly in interiors, offering lightweight materials reducing fuel usage, recyclability, and the use of green feedstocks such as plant and...



Reusable clip strings set tone in string bar production

By Marianne Curtis 23 July 2014 15:21

Karl Mayer’s lace raschel machines are productive yet flexible. Latest developments include the introduction of a flexible pattern guide finger system that enables the company’s clients to mount the pattern guide fingers onto the string...

Advancing technologies in plasma treatment

By Dr Ian Holme 21 July 2014 11:30

Options expanding in fibre surface modification



True survivor

By John McCurry 23 July 2014 11:16

Alamac American Knits, a circular knitter with a 68-year history, has evolved through the decades and can be considered a true survivor of the upheavals in the US textile industry.



Executive Market Report – 21st July 2014

By George Huang 21 July 2014 14:25

A detailed review of movements in fibre, yarn and fabric prices from the previous week, along with changes in production costs.


Web Watch

GIWA calls for co-ordination

From Farm Weekly 24 July 2014 21:30

GRAINS Industry Association of WA chairman Jon Slee has expressed the need for a much better and co-ordinated approach to WA grain market access issues if the State's industry wants to stay at the front of the global export pack............

Mitsui opens shop in China

From Nonwovens Industry 24 July 2014 18:00

Mitsui Chemicals Nonwovens (Tianjin) hosts opening...........

Say it with Denim

From Manila Bulletin 24 July 2014 18:00

In this day and age, what we choose to wear speaks volumes about us. This is true even when it comes to denims. Don’t you agree? Take bell-bottom jeans, for example. These pants, with their iconic bell-shaped hems, were first...........