• Natural Fibres & Yarns
    Natural Fibres & Yarns

    Woolmark revises specifications and licensing programme

    The Woolmark Company recently reviewed its specifications and licensing programme, launching some new sub-brands in a bid to meet the changing needs of brands ... Read More

  • Man-made Fibres & Yarns
    Man-made Fibres & Yarns

    Trevira presents functional polyester fabrics with 3D character

    Fibre manufacturer Trevira is presenting Trevira CS textiles for interior sun protection at this year’s R+T Fair in Stuttgart. The company will be showing both ... Read More

  • Effects

    WTiN Digital Textile Conferences 2015

    World Textile Information Network (WTiN) is to present an exciting programme of Digital Textile Conferences in 2015, with their focus on some of the key growth ... Read More

  • Technical Textiles
    Technical Textiles

    Limpet teeth identified as ‘strongest’ natural material

    Limpets’ teeth consist of the strongest natural material ever tested, according to a new study from the University of Portsmouth. Read More

  • Nonwovens

    Freudenberg awarded biodegradable textiles certificate

    Freudenberg Interlining has become the first company in Germany to gain certification for the biological degradability of a textile product. Freudenberg is ... Read More


Vietnam boosts China fabric exports again in 2014

By George Huang 27 February 2015 15:32

According to China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel (CCCT), fabric exports during December reached 3.35 billion metres, up 0.51% on the previous month and 2.95% y-o-y.

China viscose prices firmer

By George Huang 27 February 2015 12:06

Helped by the tight supply on the feedstock market, viscose quotations inched up slightly in China.

Acrylic prices slump in China

By George Huang 27 February 2015 12:00

Dented by the sluggish demand and crumbling feedstock replacement costs, acrylic values in China dived again after the long holiday.

Groz-Beckert to acquire Bekaert Carding Solutions

By Marianne Curtis 27 February 2015 08:32

Groz-Beckert is to acquire Bekaert’s Carding Solutions activities. The division has about 350 employees. The acquisition allows Groz-Beckert to build on its existing service programme for card clothing with a corresponding product...



India needs more development-minded polyester industry – PCI Fibres

By Kamelia Kountcheva 27 February 2015 16:28

In 2014, both the global natural and man-made fibres industries had a difficult time due to overproduction and dropping prices.

Cutting-edge technology

By Fiona Haran 27 February 2015 11:59

DuPont and MCR Safety have launched a new cut-resistant glove, ‘Memphis Orange’ featuring Kevlar technology.



Tackling warp tension variation

By Marianne Curtis 13 February 2015 13:22

Several studies show that during weaving, the warp tension is not absolutely constant across the fabric width. Warp tension is lower in the selvedge zones and increases towards the middle of the fabric.

Oerlikon shows way on MMF energy efficiency

By Marianne Curtis 02 February 2015 10:59

Outdated filament spinning technologies in China currently account for 42% of total energy consumption and CO2 emissions but can supply only 16% of the total filament production.



Bigger Banners: Flag Print Bern Expands Opportunities with 3.2m Printer

By WTiN 24 February 2015 11:21

When it comes to navigating the world of wide-format textile printing, Swiss company Flag Print Bern certainly knows which way the wind is blowing.



NCWSBA Australian Wool Market Report

By Chris Wilcox 27 February 2015 12:31

Weekly analysis of the Australian Wool Market by Chris Wilcox, Executive Director of the National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia.


Web Watch

PFDC brings Swarovski to Pakistan | Pakistan Today

From Pakistan Today 28 February 2015 22:30

Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) joined forces with internationally renowned Austrian firm Swarovski, world leader in cut crystal and fashion jewellery, to present a unique high-fashion event in Lahore on Saturday. The...........

After 50 Years, Oracle of Omaha Looks Back on Less Prescient Moves

From New York Times 28 February 2015 22:30

The rise of Berkshire Hathaway is the stuff of legend, memorialized in dozens of books charting the creation of perhaps the world’s greatest conglomerate, and the rise of its patron saint, Warren E. Buffett. But even 50 years...........

TNAU students create eco friendly dye out of almond leaves

From Yarn and Fibres Exchange 28 February 2015 21:00

News Tags: agricultural festival, alum and ferrous sulfate, amount of phenyl, apparel and design fashion technology, create natural eco friendly dye, cushion covers and handbags, great staining capacity, natural mordants,...........