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International Dyer is the unrivalled world leader in the delivery of vital sector-specific information for textile Dyers, Finishers, Printers and Coaters. Focusing on innovation in processes, equipment, dyestuffs and both chemical and mechanical surface treatments – and with expert insight into key industry themes such as Sustainability and Technical textiles – International Dyer is an indispensable source for all textile processing professionals.

For more than 130 years, International Dyer has been keeping textile technologists and managers expertly informed about commercial and technical developments in the worldwide industry. Within this comprehensive coverage, readers can find in-depth briefings on all aspects of textile coloration, wet and mechanical finishing, pretreatment and surface modification.

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John Scrimshaw, Editor, International Dyer

John Scrimshaw is Head of Content at WTiN. He has been Editor of long-established magazine International Dyer magazine since 2001, and is now also Editor of Future Textiles and Nonwovens Report International magazines. John covers all aspects of textile colouration and finishing and, having predicted the impact of new "high-productivity" inkjet machines in the textile market, was responsible in 2003 for the launch Digital Textile magazine, which is still the only worldwide publication covering digital textile printing across all its market areas. In addition, John has acted as editor of ITMA Daily News and Textile Daily News – published at the ITMA and ITMA Asia + CITME shows. He is also a regular contributor to the online WTiN Intelligence service.

Upcoming features in 2018

Issue 1

• Checmical pretreatment
• Technology for garment dyeing & finishing
Bonus distribution: ITM

Issue 2

• Flame retardants
• Technology for waterless processes: plasma; supercritical CO2; foam; etc
Bonus distribution: Techtextil North America 

Issue 3

• Multifunctional finishing
• Technology for colour preparation & dosing

Issue 4

• Biocides
• Technology for yarn dyeing and on-demand coloration

Issue 5

• Ionic liquids
• Technology for smart control and monitoring
Bonus distribution: ITMA ASIA + CITME

Issue 6

• Oil & water repellency
• Technology for digital colour approvals