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Knitting International is uniquely placed to give a worldwide perspective to manufacturers and retailers in the ever-more globalised and diversified knitting industry.

The magazine features all the latest news, expert reviews of the latest flat, circular and hosiery knitting technology developments, knit business profiles, world trade legislation updates, fibre and yarn developments, and world reports.

Knitting International is increasing its focus on knitted technical textiles, as this market continues to grow rapidly, with profiles of key knitwear companies operating in this area; the latest technology available for production of technical textiles; and analysis of how different markets are developing for knitted technical textiles.

This year, Knitting International features a new design, with a more modern look to reflect the high levels of product development and technology innovation taking place across the global knitting industry.

Jonathan Dyson

Jonathan Dyson, Editor, Knitting International

Editor of Knitting International, Jonathan Dyson joined WTiN as a staff journalist in 2006, and went on to become Editor of Wool Record in 2007, before relaunching the magazine as Twist, of which he is also Editor.

Previously, Jonathan was WTiN's Head of Content from 2009 to 2011, as well as Editor of Future Textiles.

Jonathan can be found Tweeting @JonathanDyson.

Upcoming features in 2018

Issue 1

• Knitted medical textiles focus
• Circular knitting technology review

Issue 2

• Knitted sportswear focus
• Flat knitting technology review
• Techtextil North America preview
Bonus distribution: Techtextil North America

Issue 3

• Knitted geo textiles focus
• Warp knitting technology review
• Yarns for knitting

Issue 4

• Knitted composites focus
• Hosiery and seamless knitting technology review

Issue 5

• Knitted automotive textiles focus
• Global knitwear market update
• Fibres for knitting
• ITMA ASIA + CITME preview
Bonus distribution: ITMA ASIA + CITME

Issue 6

• Knitted sportswear focus
• Technical textiles knitting machinery review
• Knitted apparel supply chain trends
• ITMA ASIA + CITME review
Bonus distribution: ISPO Munich