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Knitting International is uniquely placed to give a worldwide perspective to manufacturers and retailers in the evermore globalised and diversified knitting industry.

The journal features all the latest news, event reviews, technology developments, knit business profiles, world trade legislation updates, fibre and yarn developments, patents, and global trends.

Constantly monitoring the changing landscape of the knitting industry, Knitting International continues to strengthen its focus on technical knits, digitalisation, and sustainability. Discover more with profiles of key knitwear companies operating in these areas; the latest technologies available for the production of technical textiles and 3D knits; and analysis of how this activity is impacting business models and organisational principles.

Knitting International also continues to bring you developments in the emerging field of smart textiles – with many new prototypes enabled by machine knitting with conductive yarn.


Jess Gray HR

Jessica Owen, Editor, Knitting International

Jessica has edited Knitting International since July 2021, having taken over the reins from Fiona Haran. Jessica has been writing and assisting with the editing of the publication since 2018 and has also worked on other publications including Nonwovens Report International and Future Materials in that time. Jessica brings with her to Knitting International her knowledge of technical textiles and her enthusiasm for sustainable innovations, both of which continue to play an important role in the knitting industry. What’s more, Jessica hosts The WTiN Podcast, which often features knitting-related innovations, and heads up the website’s WTiNews offering.


Upcoming features in 2021

Issue 1
• Protective knits
• Sustainable fibres for knitwear
• Knitwear start-ups

Issue 2
• ITMA Asia + CITME preview
• Medical knits
• Flat knitting focus
• Knitted sportswear
Bonus distribution: ITMA Asia + CITME

Issue 3
• ITMA Asia + CITME review
• Hosiery and seamless knitting
• Circular knitwear initiatives
• 3D knitting innovations

Issue 4
• Global knitwear market review
• Quality control for knitted fabrics
• Sourcing trends
• Digital frontiers
Bonus distribution: ISPO Munich 2022