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24 September 2019

Ep. 3: Wear more, wash less with Accel Lifestyle


By Jessica Owen

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Ep. 3: Wear more, wash less with Accel Lifestyle Ankit Podcast

By Jessica Owen 24 September 2019
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This week, WTiN speaks to Megan Eddings, CEO and founder of activewear brand Accel Lifestyle, which launched in August this year.

Accel Lifestyle’s main focus is creating anti-stink apparel. By using a blend of Supima cotton, polyester and silver, the company has created its own fabric called Prema™ to achieve this odour control quality.

Three interesting things you'll learn by listening to the podcast:

1. Eddings’ story and how she created Accel Lifestyle

Although Eddings doesn’t have a background in textiles – in fact, initially she studied biochemistry and planned to dedicate her career to finding a cure for cancer – she does have plenty of experience with sweaty gym wear, which inspired her to create an anti-stink gym wear line.


Megan Eddings, CEO and founder of Accel Lifestyle

2. The Prema fabric

Essentially, the Prema fabric is a poly-cotton blend, made with Supima cotton and a bit of polyester for that lightweight, wicking capability. Additionally, a ‘trade secret protected science’ is woven within the fabric – this is what achieves that anti-stink characteristic.


The company has created its own fabric called Prema

3. Alternative applications

Since attending trade shows and getting feedback from consumers, Eddings has found that people are also wearing her garments to go out for dinner or even to sleep in. What’s more, due to the soft and antimicrobial quality of the fabric, people are even interested in using it for medical gowns and scrubs.


The silver within the fabric helps with odour control

Tune in and listen to Eddings tell us all about Accel Lifestyle.

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