Sympatex’s CEO reflects on leadership during this time

By Jessica Owen 10 April 2020
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For The WTiN Podcast’s next episode, Rüdiger Fox, CEO at Sympatex, talks about leadership, the company’s virtual ‘Corona Café’, and how we should reflect on the current crisis to ensure our economic, environmental and social systems are resilient enough for the next eventuality.

Sympatex Technologies is one of the leading global suppliers of high tech functional materials in clothing, footwear, accessories, protective workwear and technical applications. Fox has been the CEO of Sympatex for over three years now, having started in this role back in 2016.

In this podcast, he talks about how the company is currently coping in terms of manufacturing and working from home, and how the team has set up a ‘Corona café’ so that colleagues can stay in touch and have that social interaction.

Rüdiger Fox, CEO at Sympatex

Elsewhere, he provides insight on what it’s like to be a leader at this time. He talks about how important it is to look after employees, how we should be using this time to reflect on the past, and how there’s no blueprint for what to do.

What’s more, Fox talks about sustainability and how he will be finally taking paternity leave to spend time with his baby daughter when the crisis blows over.

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