Nelson Laboratories discusses masks, testing and adjusting operations

By Jessica Owen 30 April 2020
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Janelle Bentz and Paul Huish from Nelson Laboratories talk about the different types of face masks and the testing available.



Nelson Laboratories is a leading global provider of laboratory testing and expert advisory services for MedTech and pharmaceutical companies, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, US. Janelle Bentz is a study director at the company and has worked there for over five years now, while Paul Huish has been a part of the company a little longer and is the senior director of global marketing.

In this episode of The WTiN Podcast, the pair talk about the incredible increase in enquiries that Nelson Laboratories has had because of the outbreak. The company is heavily involved in testing the efficacy of face masks and respirators, and the number of studies that the business has had recently has increased by nearly 1,000%.

Nelson Laboratories is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Elsewhere, Bentz and Huish discuss the types of masks out there and what they are supposed to be used for, while also describing the different types of tests available. They provide insight on some of the FDA’s recent announcements regarding face masks, and they both applaud the companies switching production to meet demand for PPE.

To cope with the increase in studies, Nelson Laboratories has taken over a further four labs on site, the biggest conference room in the business and has had help from other divisions of the company, too. Bentz and Huish say that they’ve also introduced a shift rota to enforce social distancing, because it is an essential job and the safety of the staff is of paramount importance.


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