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11 December 2020

Ep. 49: Knitting industry significantly lacks skilled engineers


By Jessica Owen

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Ep. 49: Knitting industry significantly lacks skilled engineers Ankit Podcast

By Jessica Owen 11 December 2020
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In this episode of The WTiN Podcast, we talk to Connie Huffa, textile engineer and co-founder of Fabdesigns 

Founded in 1988 by husband-and-wife Bruce and Connie HuffaFabdesigns is the go-to company for all things knitting. The couple have spent decades developing cutting-edge 3D knitted products, reimagining machinery, innovating parts and materials and teaching these new technologies to brands, individuals and engineers across the world.  

In this episode, Huffa explains the interesting story about how Fabdesigns came to be and what the company does in more detail. She talks about Covid-19, how knitting machines have evolved since she first started out at 19 years old and what she’d like to see from the next generation of machines moving forward. Elsewhere, she highlights the lack of advanced expertise in the industry saying that “digitalisation is putting the tools in more people’s hands who don’t know how to knit” and that knitting machine manufacturers need to set up training programmes that go beyond the basics.  

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