SupplyCompass’s take on Covid-19

By Jessica Owen 27 March 2020
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In the first episode of The WTiN Podcast’s series on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Flora Davidson, co-founder of SupplyCompass, talks with Jessica Owen about supply chains, reimagining the future, and how she’ll be celebrating after the crisis blows over.


Davidson has a background in innovation and consumer research. Working at SupplyCompass combines her passion for constant creativity, adventure and innovation. In 2016, her and her co-founder, Gus Bartholomew, moved from London to Mumbai to start SupplyCompass. They lived in India for two years to build the business on the ground, spending much of their time on the road researching and visiting 300+ manufacturers and suppliers. Their mission since the start has been simple: reimagine and redesign a new way of sourcing, one that works for people and the planet.

Flora Davidson, co-founder, SupplyCompass

In this podcast, she talks about how Covid-19 has impacted the textile & apparel supply chain and what companies can do to mitigate the impact. She also gives her view on sustainability at this time and how we should all be using this time to reflect on current practices to build a stronger future.

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