SupplyCompass and Flexport launch fashion logistics guide

By Harry McMullen 16 November 2020
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Software company SupplyCompass and leading digital freight forwarder Flexport have together launched a comprehensive guide that aims to simplify logistics for fashion businesses.

The manual, named Logistics for Fashion, is free to download and predominantly aimed at fashion brands seeking to demystify the production to delivery process across the global supply chain. The guide does this by explaining the complexities of moving goods around the world more effectively with as little impact as possible.

SupplyCompass and Flexport have made the guide completely free to access

Textile supply chains are made up of a vast and extensive network of contributors – spanning the length and breadth of the globe – who are all working towards the creation of retail products. To help brands navigate the process, SupplyCompass has collaborated with Flexport to develop a comprehensive guide to cover everything the fashion industry needs to know about the logistics part of the supply chain.

“Logistics is an overlooked part of the supply chain, but a vital one,” says Flora Davidson, SupplyCompass co-founder. “Managing production and ensuring its safe delivery into the hands of consumers is a critical process for fashion brands to get right.”

The guide contains a helpful step-by-step infographic of the production-to-delivery process as well as explaining the roles and responsibilities and the most commonly used incoterms – rules that determine the terms for the international sale of goods.

Both SupplyCompass and Flexport understand that supply chains have changed rapidly in the last 20 years. What used to be an accumulation of trade agreements has now morphed into a digitalised mechanism, streamlined for optimum efficiency.

“Digital transformation is essential for businesses that want to run an efficient and sustainable supply chain,” says Christos Chamberlain, Flexport UK general manager. “Think about the supply chain not only as the physical movement of goods, but also the data, operational processes and communication flows that keep it running,”

The guide provides businesses with a step by step walkthrough to the textile supply chain

A fractured industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought major disruption to all segments of the textile supply chain, stalling entire industry networks. As the pandemic spread from continent to continent, production stopped, and restrictions were placed on shipping and travel – completely staggering industries.

In the current global situation, there is certainly a need for a guide that debunks the supply chain. The guide not only helps brands to deal with the impact of the virus but teaches them how a lack of efficiency can impact business as a whole.

“It’s more important than ever right now, with logistics top of mind because of Covid-19. Delayed goods because of logistics issues have huge implications in terms of time and cost, so we wanted to do our part to help fashion companies with this challenging part of the production-to-delivery process,” concludes Davidson.

Click here to download the Logistics for Fashion guide.


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