Technical embroidery is a ‘massive field of opportunity’

By Jessica Owen 24 June 2022
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This week’s guest on The WTiN Podcast is Topher Anderson, manager, technical embroidery application at ZSK Research and Training Center.

Founded just a few years ago, the ZSK Training and Research Center is a subsidiary company to ZSK Embroidery Machines. Based on the West Coast of the US, the Center has been set up to help anyone from students to established companies to find solutions concerned with technical embroidery.

The Center helps people to find solutions concerned with technical embroidery. Image credit: ZSK Academy

In this episode, Anderson explains the basics of embroidery and how it has transitioned from traditional applications such as baseball caps and T-shirts to technical embroidery including smart textiles and composites. He talks through the capabilities and opportunities that lie within technical embroidery, and he outlines the different machines and how they can be modified for emerging products. Elsewhere, he talks about how embroidery helps to reduce waste, bolstering sustainability, and how the team is improving the data and connection between the machines to improve efficiency and workflow.


To find out more about ZSK Research and Training Center, visit ZSK Research & Training Center (


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