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Company Factsheets

Our company factsheets provide an in-depth review of specific companies that are either the focus of our content or referenced in some form. Whilst we don’t have complete data coverage we are always increasing the volume of companies on which we have data.

Below follows an explanation of each of the sections of the factsheets. Not all factsheets have all sections; Amazon’s is a good fully-populated example.

Summary Section
The top summary section of the factsheet provides outline details relating to various company details (HQ location, website, stock ticker etc.). You can also link off to the companies social media pages where they are available and read a description of the company and its activities.

Key Personnel
A rundown of the key personnel at the company and their positions. Click on the images to see a popup with more in-depth information related to the employee, links to their social media and events they have attended.

Latest WTiN Content
Checkout the latest content WTiN have written about the company of that references the company. Flick between the latest and most relevant articles or click the 'Full Search' link in the bottom right of the section to open a more detailed and filterable search.

The stock section of the factsheets varies a little company-to-company. It provides details on the companies recent IPO (initial public offering) status (if applicable) and also contains a stock chart for the company (again, where applicable).

Details for tracking a company’s acquisition history. Click the [Transaction] column to load a pop-up showing specifics about the transaction and click the [Acquiree Name] to jump to that company’s factsheet.

If a company has their status as ‘Acquired’ then this section will show on the factsheet and include details of the acquirer and (if available) the transaction.

Sentiment & Mentions
Our machine learning and natural language processing in action! This chart tracks the sentiment and mention count relating to the company being analysed across the last 12 months. You can find more information on these subjects in relation to the Discovery Panel and Intelligence Channel Discovery Chart features.

Co-Mentions & Topics
More of our machine learning and AI process are used to create these charts. The Co-Mention chart lists the top 10 companies that are mentioned in the same articles as the company factsheet company. These co-mentioned companies could be competitors or collaborators. Click each of the bars in the chart to see that companies factsheet. The ‘Topics’ chart uses natural language processing to map the topics that the company is most often associated with. You can click each topic to load a search for other content related to that topic.

A simple section listing events that the key personnel listed at the company have attended in some capacity other than a standard ‘visitor’. It usually means that the company were speaking or presenting at the event.